Zombies, Run!!!

Zombies, Run! is an app that I saw a few weeks ago and it definitely intrigued my interest from the beginning. A running workout application masked as a zombie-filled video game? My inner geek was dancing around in glee.

Only thing stopping me from getting it was that it was $7.99. Eight dollars for an iPhone app?! I haven’t even bought an app for $.99 before!

Luckily, an incentive I have at work promotes healthy lifestyle choices (like working out) through the logging of the activities you do, and I finally had enough to purchase an iTunes gift certificate. So I downloaded the game at work… and tried it about an hour ago.

Even for someone like me (who hates working out + running + sweating + whatever…), there was something exciting about listening to the story, having to sprint because I was getting chased by zombies, and then taking breaks inbetween with a pre-selected playlist of dubstep.

I only ran 1.3 miles, but hey. It’s better than nothing. And I’m excited to continue the first mission and complete it!!!

Link to game – https://www.zombiesrungame.com/

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