Last Friday went really well… Not only was the event that I managed turn out to be a big hit in the office (over 60 attendees!), I had a good long talk with my coach and will now (hopefully) not be working with the most troublesome person I have ever met in my life!

Good news, huh?

And then a new chapter of my sorority crossed this weekend. I have a little sis from that chapter and I am very excited for all of my Greek friends to meet her.

Now on to some not-so-great news… My boyfriend and I found a wonderful little home that we really, really enjoyed. We put in a bid… and unfortunately, someone put a bid in the day before and the house is now under contract.😦 We’ll hope for the best for us, that the contract falls through and we’ll be picked up, but at this point, that seems a little unlikely.

Also, I am having a hard time finding motivation to do much of anything… Especially working out. I have 5 weeks to train for the Warrior Dash, and I really need to start! But motivation… gah. How do other people get motivated?

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