New house and new tooth..?

I have to say that I have been failing pretty miserably in regards to working out. Not only is the Warrior Dash less than a month away… I have failed to even get into a normal routine when it comes to working out. I heard that it generally takes 3 days to create a habit, which I suppose makes sense because I always  stop after the second day. We’ll see, I worked out yesterday so I’m crossing my fingers and two days from now, I had worked out three times in total.

In other news, today my boyfriend and I received wonderful news. A house that we’ve bidded on came back with a counteroffer which we’ve found to be very favorable for us. So my boyfriend officially accepted the offer! Now… hopefully two months from now, we’ll be moving into our new home. = )

I do feel bad though because I have been feeling very iffy about buying a house, especially the one that we chose due to the fact that it is farther away from the inner city than what I would care for. My boyfriend had to reassure me multiple times, but it is hard for me to get used to, at least right now. For example, my commute will be extended an extra 15 minutes to my office, which isn’t too bad I suppose, but it is the fact that it’s different and I need to get used to it… But the more that I look at the house, the more excited I get. I’m looking forward to decorating it and doing what I want to do with the house without having to worry about neighbors, my dogs causing too much noise, etc. I’m really excited!

This past Monday, I also went back to my dentist to finish up my root canal. It took so long, almost four hours! I had to take a break during the process and went to the restroom, and you can only imagine the horror I felt when I saw that they drilled down my tooth to a nub for the crown that would sit on top of it! (The root canal had to be done on my front tooth.) It was so crazy! So now I have a temporary cap on my tooth while I wait for the real one to come in. I hope it fits better and looks better than this one. =X

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