Belated Holidays

I don’t understand how people can find the energy to do stuff, sometimes. Like read emails, post on their blogs, do… normal things that they’re supposed to do! Or maybe it’s because I get easily overwhelmed. Meh. It’s a weird feeling, not being to the point of being stressed… but definitely uncomfortable knowing that I have a lot of things that need to be done but feeling like I don’t have the energy to do it.

Maybe exercise will help!

Unfortunately (LOL) right after the Warrior Dash, I found myself not working out… again. I survived the Warrior Dash and found myself enjoying the obstacles, and now I have signed up for my death by registering for the Tough Mudder ( Part of the reason why I signed up for it was because my boyfriend was adement that he did not want to have any girls in his group to slow them down. I didn’t care for signing up for it, especially since it would mean certain death, however I found myself bristling at that statement. Never one to let others judge me unwarrantedly, I signed up for it. With his credit card, of course. And now, a mere TEN months from now, I will have to fight for my survival.

Man, training is going to be a pain in the ass.

On another note, we have been in our house (yes our house, finally!) for a little less than a month. Still definitely messy in some areas, and my laziness is getting nothing done really, but it is enjoyable. I enjoy lounging in the couch we bought specifically for our living room, enjoying everything that has now become our home. It’s utterly delightful, to be honest. And what is even better is that the house is completely different than the one that we had looked at that was mentioned in my previous post. After some debate, we decided not to purchase that one because it was too far away AND near a prison. Not quite the best location, if I do say so myself. So instead, we purchased a house ironically in the same neighborhood as the first house we ever decided to look at. It’s quaint, a decent size, and even comes with a doggie door, which my dogs do enjoy though I tend to keep it locked up more than they like. Little buggers, they love digging in the lawn and coming back completely covered in dirt.

I’m also contemplating buying another domain, just to keep myself busy. Nothing like returning to what I did when I was in high school, putting together artwork, writings, and websites. It would be rather nice, I would enjoy it immensely. I’ve also had an insane urge to put together some ridiculous book that would be picked up from a publisher and have millions of fangirls flocking to it based upon intense sexual moments and some random magical element. Werewolves, vampires, and wizards are out, so I must find something else. I find it rather fascinating that there is a new popularity for books that are published that… well, came from fanfiction. It’s crazy! And of course, spurned my old hobby of reading fanfiction, which I have been doing for the past few weeks. That, and reading more articles and short stories and novels… It is very fun, I have to admit though it does get me distracted when I am supposed to be doing more pertinent stuff. I wish my job wasn’t so boring that I would actually enjoy it instead of wishing I were somewhere else.

Sigh. I’m having a quarter-life crisis. Somebody save me.

On the last topic on my mind… I had a very enjoyable, laid back 4th of July at my house yesterday. The event started around 3 PM and didn’t end until around 10 PM, when everybody slowly found themselves leaving and I could happily (if not mostly sleepy, with the faint tinges of hangover hovering above my head) lay back in my couch and laze away. It was very enjoyable. Unfortunately, it was not for all my friends who didn’t think ahead to take today (or the rest of the week, for that matter) off. Of course, I definitely had the foresight to not only anticipate that I would need some additional days off, but to take off the entire week to do nothing but… be lazy and content. =)

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