Re-adjusting Micro Goals

I haven’t been reaching my run goals for the past few weeks (always a few under), and that leaves me rather down sometimes. However, I took a step back this morning and really thought about it. The biggest issue with me not meeting my run goals (I do have a half-marathon I am trying to survive happening next month…) isn’t that I’m not motivated to run, but it’s that I am just not running on enough days. The weekly goals aren’t astronomical, but if I don’t get a few miles in every day, then it’s near impossible at the end of the week to catch up.

That was exactly the biggest issue this week, when I found myself 10 miles in the hole on Saturday. And I didn’t want to run Saturday, and this morning I decided that I just really didn’t want to run today either.

It’s not that I am just being lazy. In fact, I had to prioritize other things with my husband today that were more important. I felt a little bad in the morning, guilty that I had “failed” again this week. But did I really fail? I don’t think so. I still ran a few days this week. In fact, if I looked back a month ago, the miles I ran this week – though much lower than other weeks – were more than I’d ever run in months or even this entire last year. So I didn’t really FAIL per se. Just didn’t succeed as much as I wanted to.

And we were working on our patio, which is SO CLOSE to being done. We took a break the past week and a half, but it’s finally super super close to being finished. Which is wonderful. It’s a great feeling looking at something (especially when it’s part of your house) that you know that you’ve physically put together with hard work and sweat. It’s quite amazing.

In about a week, I’ll be traveling for a short vacation too and I have a few things to wrap up before then as well. Two scarves and two hats, all color coordinated for myself, my husband, and our friends. They’re super important. And if I can get these done in the next week, I think not running a little bit this past week will make up for it.

Anyways. I’m just rambling. It’s been a long time since I’ve last blogged and I need to get back into the swing of things if I’m trying to blog again. Not just for personal reasons, but I need to dust off if I’m going to finally post on my tech review blog.

Things are slowly coming together. It’s a bit amazing that it took so many years. Could you imagine how much energy I’d have if I’d started all of this (like I said I would) years ago in my early 20’s?

Man, time sure does fly. But it’s ok. I heard that your 30’s are actually the best years and I’m a few short years away.

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