What. The. Fuck.

Ok. Let me just bitch about something that I’m having a difficult time getting over.

I went outside earlier today to do some light yard work (tending the small garden we have) because the weather was nice, and nothing was really out of the ordinary. There were a couple of other people outside in my neighborhood doing the same thing, no big deal.

When I go outside to my backyard, I see four kids in the distance. When I say distance, I really mean they’re behind my neighbors’ yard, past their fences, and even further back past some land dividing our neighborhood with the fence leading to a school that has its back parking lot facing our neighborhood.

Confusing? Sorry.

The kids were close enough to easily see me and vice versa, but far enough that they weren’t actually in my neighborhood.

Anyways. I notice them in the distance when I go outside, I go to my garden area and squat down, and just mind my own damn business picking veggies and pulling out dead leaves. So when I hear in the distance some shouting coming from the kids, I don’t really pay any attention.

Mind you, like I said, I was pretty far away.

Though I minded my own business, I couldn’t quite help but hear what they were saying. At first, it was just some random things that I’m sure all kids that just want to stir up some trouble want to say. But then I started noticing the conversations and what they were saying started escalating when both they and I realize that I would not be engaging in conversation with them. The one-sided conversation pretty much went like this:

“Hey, is that a guy or a girl?”



“I will come back and fuck you tonight!”


What’s interesting is that there was a bit of a pause at this point, because I think they couldn’t figure out if I was legitimately unable to hear them or if I was just ignoring them.

“Heeeyyyyy!!! Can you hear us?! We need some help!!”

To be fair, if one of these little shits weren’t repeatedly saying that he was going to come back tonight and fuck me, I think I would’ve been a little bit more recipricating when it comes to trying to help out a child.

But alas, I wasn’t going to engage at all. I mean, can you imagine? I feel like it’d be one of those situations where I’d be like that old geezer yelling at people to get off my lawn.

Anyways, once they realized they wouldn’t get any responses, the best comment came next:


And then there was some additional yelling, that same little shit kept on saying he was going to come back and fuck me, and some more saying of fuck this fuck that… And then they walked away and I could hear them shouting some more in the distance?

Anyways. Once I knew they were gone, I glanced over to make sure that they were indeed gone. And then I got up, walked back inside with my dogs, and then I wasn’t quite sure what I felt afterwards.

I definitely felt uncomfortable, no doubt about that. What was interesting is that while I was outside, there was a deep concern underneath where logically I knew this little assholes weren’t really going to do anything, but you can’t help but have a response when someone is essentially telling you that they were going to rape you? And I’ve been in uncomfortable situations before, so I was a bit surprised that I did have such strong feelings of unease today when I could easily say I’ve been in worse situations than this before.

I was bothered for a good few hours and couldn’t quite pinpoint the exact reason why. I mean, it’s pretty obvious. I have every right to be angry that this little asshole demon children think it’s ok to be saying shit like that. (BTW – Did I ever mention that these children were like… young? I mean, there was one tall kid, but the rest of them looked like they could be in middle school.) But why was I so mmmmmmeeeeehhhhh?

And then I realized that there wasn’t any part of me that was scared for myself in this situation (thankfully). But I was (and still am) so angry. I’m angry that there are children out there that are like ten fucking years old and they think it’s appropriate that they can shout across a whole fucking neighborhood to a woman who’s doing nothing but minding her own fucking business and tell her that they are going to fuck her.

Did you count how many times I just said “fuck” in that sentence?

I know that what I am saying is nothing new and that there are currently tons of things going on in the news that are talking about our society and culture and it’s all important. But can you just sit back and try to wrap your head around this situation? Because I still can’t, and it happened to me.

Why is it acceptable?

Why do these kids thing it’s ok to act like that?

Who the FUCK is FUCKING TEACHING these little shits?

How am I supposed to sit back and accept that this is the type of society that we live in? I don’t think I can, but I’m not sure what I can actually do about any of it. I just know that now I’m sitting here left with this deep simmering anger. And to be honest, it just kind of reinforces that people are shit.

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