The holidays are coming and NaNoWriMo is knocking at my door…

It’s more like NaNoWriMo is pounding at my door trying to get in and force me to write SOMETHING down before the end of November. I have a countdown timer on my phone that keeps reminding me that I have less than a month left to complete the 50,000 word minimum. My main motivation behind accomplishing this is because Literature and Latte is offering a 50% off discount to NaNoWriMo winners for Scrivener and I’ve been really wanting to purchase that. That, and the knowledge that I finally accomplished something that I’ve set out to do is a wonderful, wonderful feeling.

On the flipside, I still have no job. It can be a little overwhelming if I let myself think too much about it. Unfortunately, I have the tendency to overthink and dwell on bad things (and not the good), so there have been many times where I’m feeling funk and the only thing my boyfriend can do is let the mood pass and check in on me on a later time. It does suck, to be honest, however I can’t just let myself sit around and feel sorry for myself. Over the last week (I had gone on a vacation during the first week of November), I’ve really done a good job at browsing jobs and applying for jobs that not only I am qualified for, but also things that seem pretty interesting to me.

I am still holding out for that “one” job, which I did interview for in the beginning of September. Unfortunately, that company’s interview process can be very lengthy (at least the wait time for it) and can span from a few weeks to a few months. I used to just sit back and hope and wait for them to call me back, but that tends to stress me out more than knowing I have no job right now. Therefore, I feel much better (and am more productive) when I go out looking for other jobs that I might want to do as well.

The only (slightly) scary thing is knowing that the winter holidays are coming up. I used to go crazy when spending money on presents (my boyfriend has told me repeatedly that I do happen to have a little bit of a shopping addiction), however over the past few months I have done a good job with not spending for things that are unrelevant. After all, even though I don’t have a job, I still have bills to pay. So I’ve started planning my shopping list for presents for the important people and we’ll see what happens going forwards.

On a different topic, in the past I had tried to keep this blog strictly focused on job hunting. However, that’s no fun and though I will still post about those kind of things, I want to write about other going-ons in my life as well. I mean, I have a Tumblr and an LiveJournal, but for those savvy with the web, you know those are meant for other random things. My Tumblr is good for looking pictures and my LiveJournal is good for connecting with other people who write. Therefore, there’s no real place to really put down my thoughts into words and I think I’ll make a home of it right here. I should also keep on chugging along and finally put together the websites that I want to have. After all, I did pay a small fortune for the two domains I have, plus the webspace (two separate ones, ugh!) and I have no idea when they expire. I know I’ve had this domain for over a year (maybe close to two?) and it would be sad if nobody ever knew of its existence.

I would apologize for the ramblings, but like I said, I just need somewhere to put my thoughts down. It’s not like anyone really reads this anyways. Well, besides the bots that put spam on my comments.


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