Why Mental Strength Will Do You Good

You know how you browse through Facebook and one of your friends posts a link to some random website with a list of “things”? Those lists are generally just good for passing the time or providing a laugh for two while you’re bored. But every so often, you’ll pass by one and realize that there’s some pretty good content or some sort of small life lesson that could be learned. One I read recently was pretty good, and I wanted to share.

What does it mean to be a mentally strong person?

Ironically, this was something that I had mentioned to my boyfriend once before while we were taking our dogs out on a walk. As bad as it sounds, I can admit I am more weak-minded than I’d like to be. The main reason why I say that is because I can tell that it’s very hard to push myself to really commit and do something when it gets very difficult. For example, before I started running on a regular basis, if I’d try to go out for a run, there would be a lot of self-doubt and the urge to give up would be almost suffocating. Many of the times that would occur, I wouldn’t be able to resist and push through until the end. And then afterwards, I’d feel guilty and then the cycle would repeat itself. That’s why I enjoyed finding this particular list and knowing what “strong-willed”/”strong-minded” people were like. Luckily, I don’t fall into the “weak-minded” bucket for every single one of these things on the list, but it does put things into perspective.

Interestingly (and quite comically), The Oatmeal also has encountered the same issues and has named this problem The Blerch.

Both sources are very good reads. I’d recommend both if you have a little bit of time (and humor).

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