New Year, New Goals and New Things to Look Forward To

I’m wide awake right now though I had been making an effort to fall asleep at a normal time. Unfortunately (or fortunately, since I’ve been putting off the blog post that I needed to write) my back was acting up and I was unable to sleep comfortably. Anyways, I suppose it’s good because now I’m wide-awake and posting my first post of 2014!

As you can already see, my posting has already veered a little off course from what I usually post about. Generally, I talk about job-related things, but I wanted to change it up this year and really re-focus what exactly I’m here blogging about. In all honesty, this is a public blog but I don’t share it around so it’s really just a place to put my thoughts down because it’s more than just a little therapeutic for me. Therefore, I want to talk more about my life and the things that go on in it too though job aspirations and issues will probably take the biggest part.

Another year has gone by and another year has come upon us all. For the first time ever, I’m actually really looking forward to the upcoming year. I’m not sure if it’s just because of the trips I have planned out (biggest one is traveling to Natal, Brazil for the World Cup!) or if it’s because a new year really does signify a new chance at better living my life.

When I think about the past year, I have mixed feelings. I think overall it wasn’t terrible – in fact it was pretty good at times – but it was littered with a lot of personal demons and issues that I found myself struggling with. To me, 2013 was a year of trial and error and learning to go with the flow and trying to stay afloat in an ocean of possibilities. I spent the majority of the year worrying about my career choices and if I was in the right field. In fact, I spent a quarter of the year pretending (and not acting on any impulses) that I wanted to be a content writer/copywriter/advertisement guru even though I have no experience whatsoever in that area other than blogging when I feel like it. I spent a long time hating the major I focused on and wanted to change to something else that seemed a lot more exciting and glorified than what I was doing.

I finally realized – and only because I had prematurely quit my job and became a professional bum for the last three months – that I was going about the whole career thing completely wrong. The things that I had thought I wanted for myself were merely things that I saw in passing that I thought would be much better than what I had. I will say that my job that I held was not the right one for me, but that’s ok. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t good at what I majored in and what my career background gave me. In fact, if I found the right company and the right environment, I would gladly go back to what I used to do. In fact, I’m sure that I would enjoy it a lot more than I used to think last year. One blog posting that was shared to me by my boyfriend really resonated with me a few months ago. It was a quick and dirty posting by Mark Cuban, where he basically blasts the ideology of “following your passion”. Now before you scratch your head and go “WTF?”, he really does make some good points.

“Don’t Follow Your Passion, Follow Your Effort”

The biggest thing I took from this is that you really can’t expect yourself to live and work in an area that can constitute as your “dream” unless you’re willing to work for it. In addition, being in a field that you kinda like or don’t really hate at all isn’t a bad thing. In fact, over time, more likely than not you’ll start enjoying it. Plus, those really glamorized professions that seem really cool on TV? You still have to work your ass off at those jobs. There are so many nights where you have to work super late. Your personal life suffers severely. Sometimes you’re wondering what you’re still doing there. And that’s ok!

So in short, I really took a step back and re-evaluated everything that I had and everything that I wanted and realized that a lot of the things I thought about (and that put me in a depressed state) were just random ideas that really wouldn’t work in the real world. And honestly, in a few months, I’d probably get over it.

So here I am, a new year to look forward to with a brand new outlook on life and knowing what I really want to do professionally. There’s nothing stopping me from changing it up in a few years, but what’s really important (and my last parting words of not-so-great-wisdom) is that I have a clear, defined path of what I want and how exactly I’m going to get it. No more half-made daydreams that really aren’t what I want to do at all.

Here’s to a great 2014!

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