I Love Planners

I’ve always had a thing about agendas and daily planners, probably since high school. In college, I started becoming more aware of all the types that are sold and got really excited whenever the academic year would start up in full swing in the fall so that I can browse all the different types that I could purchase. After graduating school, I became even more enamored with these tools of organizations because I could finally afford the “nicer” ones and I would spend time writing many to-do lists and checklists just so I could utilize these items.

Truthfully, I never utilized them as well as I should’ve, especially since the whole purpose of them is to organize your life and keep you on the path that you’re meant to be on. I think that the way I used them in the past accurately illustrated the way I was in life – very particular about some things, but overall very messy and disorganized about everything around me. I kept to-do lists that never got done, wrote down things that were entirely irrelevant, and unintentionally demoralized myself when I was unable to cross off everything that I wrote down.

Once I realized this issue, I started paying closer attention to what I wrote down and why I wrote them down. The whole point of putting things down in an agenda is to remember them and do them, right? Well, my whole perspective changed when I accidentally stumbled upon a Kickstarter project late one night when I was browsing the website. A West Coaster that goes by the name of Angela Trinidad wanted to put together a Kickstarter for a planner. Yes, a planner/agenda/thing that you use to write down your errands and to-do lists. I was immediately interested in what she was trying to put together because – like I had stated previously – I loved agendas and planners and everything in between! So I browsed her Kickstarter page and saw what she was trying to do, create something called a Passion Planner, something meant to help others really focus in on what exactly they want to do with themselves and how to go about doing it. So after debating with myself for a few seconds, I was resolute to purchase it.

About two weeks later, I received it in the mail (right before Christmas!) and I’ve been taking it around with me ever since. Now, let me put it out there that I also have another one (a Moleskine Peanuts planner with Charlie Brown’s universal pessimism) that I had purchased already and started to use. Luckily for me, the Moleskine planner and the Passion Planner utilize two different agenda structures (one is blank with dates and the other is organized by times of the day), so I have uses for both of them. In addition, I enjoy using the Passion Planner for very specific reasons – it really does aid in helping you feel focused on what you need to be focused on so that you can accomplish not just daily errands, but things that are more important to your bigger goals in life. It also has little quotes scattered throughout the planner, as well as some easy-to-follow and very useful goal-setting guides to assist in you focusing on what’s really important for you and what you really should be paying attention to in life.

Overall, it couldn’t come at a more perfect time as the beginning of the year is a good time as any to start working on accomplishing those goals.

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