Job Job Job Job!

I woke up sick yesterday, and it was the first time in months where I actually felt unwell enough that I knew I needed to take some medicine. And so, today I am feeling the exact same way (I believe it’s just a cold…) and I’ve gotten some more medicine and am drinking tea and trying to keep warm.

On the plus side, I got a call earlier this afternoon and it happened to be the director of an IT audit group I had interviewed for a few weeks ago. All of a sudden, I was listening to him give me a verbal job offer. Yes!

So after four-plus months of being jobless, I now have the potential to get back on my feet and do what I am good at/like to do. I’m really excited.

It was kind of entertaining, however, analyzing the feelings that I had right when I heard I got a job offer. For one thing, I sounded quite silly on the phone while talking to the director. It was a little awkward and stilted, though I will blame that on me feeling surprised (at finally getting a job!) and also because I’m under the weather. After I hung up the phone, however, it wasn’t just pure happiness or excitement that I felt – though I will say those emotions where around too – it was mainly relief. Pure, unadulterated relief. At the idea of getting a job and having a paycheck again. At the idea that someone, somewhere, in some company believed that my skillset was worth having and wanting to hire.

To be honest, even if you are a positive person, it tends to wear down on you when you’re trying to get a job and nothing ever comes your way. And I don’t know if you know me too well, but I am definitely naturally a pessimistic (I’d like the term “realistic”) person instead.

Oh well. It’s all good. I knew this year was going to be good!

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