2nd Day of New Job and Snow/Ice of Doom

Yesterday was my first day at my new job, which I can honestly say went pretty good. It’s very interesting how each job and company can be completely different from one another. You’d think that they’d all be the same, huh? Wrong! And this time, it’s a good thing.

I spent yesterday just getting acclimated to my surroundings and meeting a lot of new people that my boss introduced me to. The most surprising thing was how friendly everyone I met was. That sounds incredibly silly, especially if you don’t have any other experiences to reference, but it was a completely different experience than the one I had at my last job. And when I think about it even more, it was definitely better than the first job out of college I had as well…

It’s hard to explain it, especially since nothing extraordinary occurred. Everyone just smiled, shook my hand, chatted a little and offered their assistance to me if I needed it. But the way they said it and the way they smiled could be indicative of how they feel about their jobs and the company, I suppose. One of my mentors mentioned to me today that it was easy to see the difference between other companies and financial service firms (like the two previous jobs I held). With finance companies, it’s very easy for revenue to fluctuate (and drop even), so everyone’s always on edge and even though they smile, it’s like I’m a guppy fish being dropped in a shark tank.

Anyways, funnily enough, the office ended up being closed today (and tomorrow) due to a severe weather watch down here in Georgia. Snow is (slowly) coming, but there’s a few inches of ice that’ll be piling up today and tomorrow, so the company shut down its building and I’m working from home. I can’t say I mind, but it takes a whole other determination to get a lot of things done while working from home and I’d much rather have the chance to get used to sitting at a desk at an office (4 months being unemployed can do that to you, I suppose). It is alright, though. It was still a productive day.

Wow – this post has been completely… boring. I’ve gotten a headache and I am rather distracted because I have a meeting in fifteen minutes, but I have a whole list of articles I really want to post and blog about. And that doesn’t even include the two books I’m supposed to be reviewing from JANUARY.

Seriously. If I don’t start writing my ass off, there’s no way I’ll become a novelist.

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