30 Days Have Past…

Monday (yesterday) was my 30-day milestone at work, can you believe it? I’m glad that time seems to be passing by relatively normal, compared to how sluggishly slow it used to be at my previous job. I also cannot wait until my 90-day milestone passes so I don’t feel like I’ll get axed if I step one toe out of line or something like that.

Just kidding. My company definitely does NOT make me feel worried about my job. In fact, I’m actually quite content there. I’m learning a lot – or well, re-learning, I suppose – and some crazy events happened around my department that shook everything up a little, but it’s good either way. It’s been a very long time since I went into work and didn’t worry about not having anything to do (a.k.a. being productive). It’s also been awhile since I had a group of co-workers that I could just chat with because I wanted to.

It’s nice. I’m quite content. For now, anyways. 🙂

Unfortunately, there’s a bug or something going around and I had to take today off as a sick day. I felt rather unwell, even though I did find myself still listening into a 3-hour call (don’t ask me why…). And then I had a sorority meeting in the evening, but that’s ok. Finally crossed off a few things on my to-do list. Purchased a few more Moleskine notebooks (I really do love these…). And I have some things to decorate my cube with tomorrow too.

Anyways. I need to do a better job of going to bed early (I keep telling myself 10:30 but it never happens) and I don’t remember the last time I wrote anything (including blogging) or read anything. I don’t mind too much because I’m busy with learning how to work again, but hopefully this month I can get a handle on everything and start doing some creative stuff again.

After all, just because I got a job now does not mean that it’ll help me get any closer to becoming a writer. Definitely need to write some things before that can happen.

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