The Honeymoon is Over…


What honeymoon?!

Nope, I am definitely not married, though the boyfriend and I are happily still together. So it’s definitely not about my personal relationships.

This is about my job.

Yes, you’ve heard right. It was only time until the “honeymoon” period would end. I should’ve known, but I was naive and really assumed that nothing would cause this new job to be like a real job. You know, with the difficulties and the stress and stuff like that. I really thought that the job would be like how the people were in The Lego Movie.

(Insert “Everything is Awesome” soundtrack.)

It’s ok, though. Really. Just really stressful and there are a lot of inefficiencies around. If anyone knows me, they know I have low to no tolerance for things being inefficient. I want things to work well. And (unfortunately sometimes) I have expectations of myself and others based on the level of experience (we) all have. It seems that at my job, many of the expectations I have really fall to the wayside and people aren’t as capable as they originally present themselves to be. Granted, that is partly unfair of me to say as I’m in no position to fully judge anyone – based on work and merits or any other things. But there are fundamental things that I believe in about the profession I am in. I was trained very early on in my career to be able to do X, Y, and Z. I know that I am not anywhere near the top of the totem pole or the best-skilled ever (far from it). But I am really surprised that there are so many people here that are in positions higher than mine who are able to do less than me.

But anyways. They are nice people and they mean well, which is good. Well, most of them. There are others that I just don’t understand. I can’t wrap my mind around the things that some of them do. Who knows, maybe they’re jaded. Maybe they have trust issues. But things that those people do end up undermining the entire group. I really wish they would stop and just be decent human beings. I don’t care if you’re vying for more pay or want more recognition. Stop and do your job.

I’m stressed out at work, which is ok in itself, but all this extra drama is just unnecessary. My boyfriend told me drama and politics is everywhere though, and especially hard to avoid. I can tolerate it, really it’s not a problem. But it does make me grumpy that people are just acting crazy around me. I’ve decided to forget it and not worry about their antics anymore, though. It takes way too much energy trying to follow all of that around, and it’s definitely  not worth it. Instead, I’m just going to keep on going and doing the job that I was hired to do. And do it well. I’ll stick with the people that don’t cause drama and want to gossip on the company’s time.

And most importantly, I’m going to keep work at work and not bring it home.

That’s probably the most important thing I realized this week, which was also an epiphany brought on by some wise words from my boyfriend. There really is no point for me to bring home the drama and think about it non-stop. I shouldn’t let it affect my personal life, especially when there are no deadlines or due dates that conflict with me going home after work and relaxing.  It’ll be hard to do at first, but over time, I’m sure it’ll be easy to just forget work. Especially since I don’t even have a mobile to carry around.

And since I have one more day to relax during the weekend, I am going to forget about these issues and (not) worry about work until Monday when I’m in my cube.

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