Back Home for a Holiday

I’m wide awake at 5 AM. I really should be sleeping, especially since I’ve told my parents I’ll be over at their house around 1 PM later today… But jet lag is kicking my ass and I generally feel awake in the evenings and extremely sleepy around noon every day. Luckily tomorrow (today) is a holiday and I will also work from home on Tuesday (and maybe even Wednesday if I just don’t feel up to physically being at work).

Work is pretty horrid. I’ve come to the realization that my boss is a psycho who’s really a ticking time bomb. I do wonder what’ll happen in the next few days, because I feel as though he’s at the point where he’s going to explode and do something crazy. On top of that, I’ve had the horrible discovery that though everyone is quite pleasant (besides the boss man) at work, I don’t quite have anyone to go to when I have very serious questions on work methodologies or the like. It’s like the blind leading the blind here… and I’m in no position to really try to make things change for the better.

I really do want to get another job – I had a small chance on getting interviewed for the company that practically my whole family works for, however I am just not qualified enough for the position (though I will keep my eyes peeled for the next time another position there opens up). However, I understand that this particular job I have now could potentially look great on paper. And if I can just deal with the drama and get through it, I really can help the organization become better.

But damn. I hate this traveling. Seriously. I do NOT like traveling for work. And I understand the majority of the people out there who hear my sentiments look at me like I’m crazy and go “WTF?!”. But really – and here some of my traveling buddies can agree – unless you’ve experienced traveling for work, it really is a different thing all together. It looks glorious when you’re not actually doing it, but when you have to pack 2 weeks worth of clothing in a suitcase, drag everything through four different airports, and spend more than 12 hours in the air not because of an awesome vacation spot (instead it’s an AUDIT spot)…

Man, it really is different.

And it sounds silly, but I don’t like being away from my home. Or my dogs. Or my boyfriend. I hate being away. It really bothers me and grates on my nerves. Which is also kind of funny, because when I applied for this job, I was very explicitly told that I would not be traveling very much at all… But I suppose to some people, traveling to Australia from America isn’t very far. (I’m being facetious.)

I will say that during this very trying time, my boyfriend has in fact been there and supported me more than I could have ever suspected. It seems silly, but I really do appreciate it. And he does really random things too – like picking me up from the airport with a brand new ultraportable laptop that he says I can drag around with my work laptop when I travel. Therefore, we’ll be able to talk all the time through Hangouts or whatever else and the traveling won’t be so bad.

I really do have it lucky when it comes to my personal life – my boyfriend, my family, and my friends… So if having such great people in my life means I have to deal with this BS at work for a little bit longer, then I guess I can deal with it. For now.

Anyways. Goodnight. Need to shake this jet lag off.

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