Changes and New Motivations

It’s funny, looking back at past posts that I’ve made every so often and seeing how much things have changed in a span of only a few months. I’ve done a poor job at regularly updating my blog, which is horrendous when I’ve this huge imaginative future of myself blogging tech reviews and writing novels. If I can’t do it now, how will I do it in the future?

Therefore, I am now going to start regularly posting – every week on a specific day and by a certain time.

Hopefully I’ll follow through with it.

Anyways, back to my original topic of choice – changes that occur throughout the year.

So obviously, I told myself at the beginning of 2014, that this year was going to be great. I was jobless after quitting my second job after being bored and developing carpel tunnel, amassed some holiday debt due to Xmas shopping, and also had to save up for a holiday that I had been planning for months (World Cup 2014!).

My outlook was quite dull.

However, I remember being adamant and telling myself this year would be awesome. Unfortunately (fortunately?) it hasn’t quite gone to plan.

1) I got engaged (major PLUS/awesome great wonderful thing that happened)

2) My new job I started in February slowly turned into an ongoing nightmare (I will post more blogs about it in the future) – like an honest-to-God shit show, probably the worst thing I’ve had to deal with ever professionally

So it’s hard. I’ve gone through many months stressed out and strung out because of anxiety with this horrendous job. At the same time, I was supposed to be happy and excited and planning a wedding. So there are many days when I go through an emotional roller coaster. I’ve even tried to search for jobs, however that ended recently when I was ever-so-politely told that I was a liability for how many jobs I’ve had in the few years I’d actually been in the professional work force.

Yeah… Kinda sucks.

So I’ve made a temporary game plan (stick it out at the job and get the job I want in the future when they feel I’m not so much of a liability anymore) and also have to keep myself busy with hobbies/other much more important things (wedding planning, writing, blogging..?).

Luckily for me, NaNoWriMo is upon us once again and I am determined to actually WRITE a novel this year! That will keep me quite busy for the next few weeks. And I have started reading again (good good good), which is always good for the creative juices. I can feel the faint tingling urge of wanting to write.

Feels good.

I hope it becomes a full-blown obsession in the next few days.

Carry on!

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