Life Goals Should Have an Expiration Date (if you’re unwilling to work towards them…)

A month into the new year, and my brain has a ton of thoughts buzzing around about things that I need to do this year. I’ve made a lot of big “life decisions” recently, whether for good or for bad (I believe it’s for the better, actually):

  • I’ve decided to stay at my job, despite the huge ups and downs that I’ve dealt with last year
  • I want to become a Certified Public Accountant – related to the first bullet, I want to better myself as an IT Auditor and make myself much more valuable than the run of the mill (or in this case, my co-workers that are troublesome) auditors I’m surrounded by
  • To become a CPA, I have to take 30 additional hours of accounting courses. Because of this… I’ve also decided to get my MBA (cost/benefit analysis has been performed!). Why not knock out two things at once?
  • I still very much want to make my review website!!!

There are a lot of smaller steps that need to be done before I can even start at working at most of these. I need to start studying for the GMAT (hopefully take it during the middle of this year), take some online accounting courses (preliminary courses hopefully start soon and end in May…), clean up and re-organize the whole house once and for all (nobody can do anything in a dirty area!), start holding myself accountable to blogging/reviewing, and of course…

I still have my wedding this year to plan.

Everything used to be really daunting for me in the past, because I would look at the overall bigger picture of what I imagined I would be like at the finish line, but I had no idea where to start. Now that I know where I’m headed/where I want to be, I’ve started compiling the list of everything that I need to do from now until the end of the year…. And then from that point on, I’ll do it again for the next year. Keeping the goals in mind keeps me motivated to keep on going and work harder.

To be truth, last year was a hard year for me (with the exception of my personal life, obviously). I lost sight of what I really wanted to do, got caught up in stupid, frivolous drama that should only be reserved for high schoolers, and because of all of these factors, I became unmotivated, depressed, and unable to see what I really wanted in life.

Now that I’ve gotten everything (kind of) organized, it’s time to get working on grabbing what I want from life and running with it.

But… to go back to the title. All life goals and dreams should really have an expiration date. If you’re unwilling to work towards your dream and try to make it a reality, is it really the dream worth having? Shouldn’t dreams motivate you to get up every day and work towards getting closer to them? I believe that’s the way that it should be. For years and years and years, I have always wanted to put together websites, to write, to blog, whatever. But it has always been a “What if?” and “Since I’m so unhappy at work, let’s daydream about this” sort of thing.

That gets you nowhere. That doesn’t get you a website. It doesn’t get you a written book. It doesn’t even get you motivation.

Work gets you that. Actually sacrificing the time that you believe would be better spent doing this and working towards your dream instead of sleeping or studying or being lazy.

That’s what gets you there. And I want to get there too. Eventually. It may take a few years, it might take a lot of years. But it’s ok, because the more I work at it, the further away those expiration dates get.

Just some food for thought.

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