Year of the Dragon

Back in January, I had the chance to go to Las Vegas for a five-day vacation to celebrate a friend’s birthday (someone who still owes me a birthday gift for not even showing up to my own birthday celebration back in October). While I was there, I was bombarded with all of the images of the Chinese Zodiac and dragons. Many, many, many dragons.

For others, it might have been something interesting to see, or maybe even a little annoying after the redundancies in decoration appeared in each and every hotel and casino on the strip. For me, however, I was ecstatic. Mainly because I am a Dragon according to the Chinese Zodiac.

What was interesting about it, however, was how everyone around me talked about how lucky this year would be. As if some magical deity would shower everyone in lucky pixie dust or something. I doubt that would happen.

But it did get me thinking. I’m not going to lie, 2011 was definitely a hard year for me. It challenged me in ways that I didn’t even think I could’ve been challenged. So what’s the harm in going along with all of these people who believed so strongly that this year would be lucky because it’s a Year of the Dragon?

No harm, no foul. I’m a Dragon, it’s the Year of the Dragon… And I just want to blog about it for the next year to see how truly lucky it is or if it’s just based on a person’s perception.

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