Who Am I?

Almost two years ago, I purchased this domain (surpassingtheordinary.com) on a whim and bought the additional webspace because I wanted to have a creative outlet. Before I went to college, I had the opportunity to do a lot of artwork (I enjoyed painting and drawing over photography, and I absolutely abhorred ceramics) and wrote freely online via blogs and websites. When I went on to college, some gears changed in my mind and I decided to put “hobbies” behind me and do something that would guarantee a successful career path. So I decided to get into the Terry College of Business (University of Georgia – Go Dawgs!) and major in Management Information Systems.

I graduated. I got a job. I made money. And then I got another job because I wanted a change of pace and a different atmosphere.

Now, almost four years since my last final in college, I’ve had the realization that the definition of being successful is different for every person. I used to think that being successful meant getting a high-paying job in a growing industry that demanded people with expertise. I think I based that assumption on what I thought my parents would be proud of me doing.

Unfortunately, my parents didn’t think that at all. Instead, they want me to be able to provide for myself, but above all, they just want me to be happy.

I want me to be happy too. And so my little domain that I originally bought on a whim to use as a repository for random things like photos, stories and links to my Twitter and Tumblr pages turned into something more. It’s going to be the story of the adventure called life and seeing if I can attain the unattainable – true successfulness through happiness found at my job and in every other aspect of my life.

And if you’ve reached the bottom of this page and are upset that I mislead you about telling you who I am, here are the important facts:

My name is A. Supra – yes, it’s the actual abbreviation of my name and one day it just might be my official pen name.

1. My ultimate goal in life is to become a novelist. My professional goal is to be paid to do something that I find enjoyable and can wake up in the morning every day to do. I want to be a tech blogger(!), but as of right now I’m just someone mucking around in the business/infosec/IT audit realm of the corporate world.
2. I have officially hit my quarter century.
3. I wear reading glasses.
4. I have a bucket list and New Year’s Resolutions. This website is one of them.